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What will I get?

The Formula 1 Toolbar brings you easy access to F1 news worldwide (international news). No need to search since news is automatically provided for you. Free, 100% secure, easy to use and fully customizable. Add your own personal touch! Visit our 'FAQ' for more information.


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Below a quick summary of the Toolbar features:

Formula 1 features:

Formula 1 RSS (= latest news) - All Teams (Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and more), F1 Live and more worldwide sites.
Links to F1 sites all over the web
News per country: France, Belgium, Spain, USA, Brazil and more.
F1 video's

Plus the default features:

Radio player - add your own stations!
Search Box with different engines
E-mail notifier (Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail and POP3 accounts)
RSS Readers (CNN / Reuters / BBC / CBC and more..)
Games and Tools
Sport related news video's from Foxsports/ABC/CNN/Reuters and many more
Privacy Button & Popup Blocker
Sporttoolbars exclusive! The 'Group' button which allows you to switch sports with one simple click
Facebook Live Notifier! Manage your Facebook live in the toolbar. (more...)
and much more

What else?

Above is our standard setup. Everything can be modified to suit your needs. Buttons can be added and removed. Add your own radio stations through a simple search field and short cuts to programs on your computer. Check the toolbar settings and personalize your toolbar!

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