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Privacy policy

Sporttoolbars is committed to maintaining the following privacy practices:

1. No Spyware Policy ? the toolbar does not collect or transmits Identifiable information and does not monitor personal toolbar usage.

The toolbar sends unidentifiable and non-personal statistical data to enable quality assurance and improve support processes. Such non-personal data includes unidentifiable usage of toolbar components and queries. You can opt not to send such statistical data at any time from your toolbar Options dialog box.

2. No Adware Policy : exposure to unwanted advertisements is not required in order to use the toolbar. The toolbar does not launch pop-up or pop-under advertisement windows or any other type of obtrusive ads.

3. Unobtrusive: The toolbar does not enable other applications to access data stored on your computer's hard drive or in your online accounts. The toolbar does not modify pages you visit or modify your search experience. You may voluntarily opt to receive Publisher notifications (such as Community Alerts) or use other advanced functionalities offered by Sporttoolbars.

4. Easy uninstall : you can easily uninstall the toolbar at any time using the toolbar's standard uninstall package (Add/Remove Programs in Windows, Add-on Removal in Firefox, etc.).

5. Easy deactivation: you can easily deactivate your toolbar at any time by clicking the "View" menu in your browser and deselecting the name of your community toolbar.

6. Full control : you have full control over your toolbar and you can add/remove toolbar components at any time using your toolbar's Options dialog box.

7. Report - Sporttoolbars is committed to ensuring your Privacy and safety while using your community toolbar. If you have a reason to believe that your rights have been infringed upon, please email to contact the owners of Platform that was used by Sporttoolbars to create your community toolbar, and your application will be handled at the earliest convenience.