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McEnroe retires while leading Lendl in MSG exo

McEnroe retires while leading Lendl in MSG exo

NEW YORK (AP)—John McEnroe had the short shorts and big hair ready to pump up the crowd late in his exhibition match against old adversary Ivan Lendl.

McEnroe never got the chance Monday night, twisting his ankle a couple of hours before the match and having to retire leading 6-3 in the one-set, first-to-eight event.

Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played a best-of-three match later at Madison Square Garden.

McEnroe was hurt practicing with Sampras but tried to tough it out. He jumped out to an early lead, aggressively going for shots to try to limit how much running he would have to do.

In an on-court interview with younger brother Patrick afterward, McEnroe revealed he was wearing the “circa 1985” short shorts underneath his longer, more modern ones.

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